About Baptism

Christian baptism is an outward sign of what God has done in our hearts through salvation. It means that we accept the benefits of the "atonement" of Jesus Christ. This word "atonement" means that Jesus Christ paid our 'wages' for our sins which is death. Jesus did this by dying on the cross and was separated from God.  ( Matthew 27:30-49). 

Baptism is done so that the believer may testify or tell others that Jesus has come into their life and that they are now going to follow Jesus and do what Jesus wants them to do. 


What is Baptism?? (Billy Graham) 

  • Baptism will remind you JESUS CHRIST has washed all your sins away. 
  • You are now part of Christ's people, the church...and Christ loved the church. 
  • Baptism will remind you that Christ has not only taken away your sins but has renewed or regenerated you, giving you the Holy Spirit to dwell within you. 
  • Baptism is a public indication of your commitment to Jesus Christ. 



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